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BELGIUM is the topic of Charlotte Zeepvat's Family Album in this issue. Also, read about Queen Marie in the Pacific Northwest and about Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the Artstetten Castle. Maria Pavlovna (1786-1859) was twice Grand Duchess, of Russia and of Saxe-Weimar, and why is a Prince of Montenegro buried in Ireland? Empress Alexandra's little known War Relief Work is presented and there is also a mini-biography of her little sister, Princess Marie of Hesse.
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64 pages, 125 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Dreamers in the Pacific Northwest
Marie of Romania, Sam Hill and the origins of the Maryhill Museum of Art
by Greg King and Janet Ashton

Artstetten Castle
Residence and final resting place of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este (1863-1914), Heir Presumtive to the Austro-Hungarian Throne.
by Stefan Haderer

A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Maria Pavlovna
Memories of a Russian Grand Duchess in Weimar
by Marion Wynn

A Prince of Montenegro buried in Ireland
by Neil Rees

The Untold Story of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna's War Relief Work 1914-1917
by Griffith Henninger

Princess Marie of Hesse 1874-1878
by Elizabeth Jane Timms

World Wide Web of Royalty


Queen Maria of Romania in her Native American Headdress

King Leopold III of the Belgians and the legendary Queen Astrid

Prince Milo of Montenegro

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