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Das Fürstliche Haus Hohenzollern

by Karen Kuehl & Anette Hähnel

2011, 160 pages, 150 illustrations, hardbound
[in German and ENglish]
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There have been many books and picture albums published on the Protestant Hohenzollerns, the Kings of Prussia and German Emperors, but there have been precious few on the Catholic branches, the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringens. This recent book seeks to remedy the void, and presents a wealth of rarely seen images from the archives and private collections of the Princely family.
Though this collections focuses on the immediate family, including the Romanian branch, there are plenty of pictures of Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses from other countries as well, e.g. Portugal, Brazil, Prussia, Austria and Belgium. Especially delightful are the many group pictures from festivities, costume balls and family gatherings as well as the images of various Hohenzollern palaces; Sigmaringen (3), Hohenzollern, Lindich, Jägerhof, Benrath, Umkirch, Josefslust, Krauchenwies, Inzighofen, Glatt, Weinburg and Bistritz.

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Friedrich, Fürst von Hohenzollern, ready for action!

Margarete, Fürstin von Hohenzollern, née a Princess of Saxony


King Carol, Crown Prince Ferdinand and little Prince Carol of Romania



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