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The 29th issue starts off with an article on Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (1890-1958), once married to Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, by Charlotte Zeepvat. It has two articles from Brazil, one on the Hunt for a new Empress for Dom Pedro I and one on the Centeneray of Dom Pedro Gastao de Orleans e Bragance. The will of Queen Joséphine of Sweden is presented as well a Woolbrook Cottage, once the home of Queen Victoria's parents.
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64 pages, 145 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

The True Value of a Home
The Life of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna
by Charlotte Zeepvat

A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

On the Hunt for an Empress
by Alberto Penna Rodrigues

The Last Word
3. Queen Joséphine of Sweden
by Edward W Hanson

Woolbrook Cottage
The Villa of the Dukeof Kent in Sidmouth, Devon
by Elizabeth Jane Timms

The Centenary of Prince Citizen
D. Pedro Gastao de Orleans e Bragance
by Victor Villon

The Princely Family of Liechtenstein
A Book Presentation

Margarita of Baden 1932-2013
by Robert Golden

World Wide Web of Royalty

Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (right) with her fiancé,
Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and her aunt, Grand Duchess Ella of Russia. 

Grand Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg with his three children from his second marriage, Hereditary Grand Duke Nikolaus and Princesses Ingeborg Alix (right) and Altburg. 

Prince Pedro Gastao de Orleans e Bragance (left) with his father and younger brother,
Joao Maria, at the Palace of Eu in France.

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