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HESSEN-HOMBURG is the Family Album in this issue - an extinct branch of the Hesse dynasty, one with many, some surprising, connections. Susan Symons, author of many books about the palaces in Germany, adds an article about the six last princesses of Hessen-Homburg and their families. Marlene Eilers Koenig's contribution if about the courtship and wedding of the future King Gustav VI Adolf and Lady Louise Mountbatten - whereas Elisabeth Janes Timms writes about Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria, the youngest daughter of Franz Joseph and Sisi. Ove Mogensen is in Romania, finding more royal graves and monuments - and Stephen Bunford describes the many illegitimate grandchildren of King George III. The editor himself has put together an illustrated list of Swedish Kings (and a couple of Queens) that reigned this country from 1523-2023 coinciding with the present King's 50th jubilee as monarch.
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64 pages 162 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

The Wedding of Gusty and Louise
by Marlene Eilers Koenig

by Ted Rosvall

The Princesses of Hessen-Homburg
by Susan Symons

Imperial Governess
by Elizabeth Jane Timms

TGM in Romania
by Ove Mogensen

Royal Bustards: Carl-Erik Olivebring
by Ted Rosvall

A Double Jubilee in Sweden
by Ted Rosvall

George III's Illegitimate Grandchildren
by Stephen Bunford

LKR: Princess Zorka of Montenegro
by Coryne Hall

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The wedding in 1923 of Crown Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden and Lady Louise Mountbatten.

Landgrave Friedrich II of Hessen-Homburg with his large family.
The new Mausoleum of the Romanian Royal family at Curtea de Argeș

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