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The REUSS zu KÖSTRITZ princely family has got to be the most difficult one to keep track of, with evberyu male member being a HEINRICH. The numbering system helps a bit, as the cover of this issue displays - the Heinrichs here pose in numerical order ... Other articles: The Marriage of King Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Marie of Romania; The Murdering Prince Pierre-Napoléon; The Karageorgevitch Twins and A Wedding in Ischl; The Little-Known Royal this time is Prince Georgh of Denmark
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64 pages 164 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

The loves of Ludwig I and Ludwig II of BavariaA Marital Alliance
The Marriage of King Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Marie of Romania
by Marlene A EIlers Koenig 

The Murdering Prince
by Stephen Bunford

The Karageorgevitch Twins - Princes or not ...
by Alexandre Tissot Demidoff & Richard Jay Hutto

A Wedding in Ischl
by Elizabeth Jane Timms 

Die Fürsten Reuss zu Köstritz - A Family Album
by Ted Rosvall 

King Alfonso XII's European Journey
by Datiu F Salvia Ocaña

TGM in Thuringia: VIII - Reuss zu Greiss 
by Ove Mogensen 

LKR: Prince Georg of Denmark
by Coryne Hall

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The Yugoslavia/Romania Wedding Group in 1922.
The Karageorgevitch "princes" - Nicolas and Sergei.
An exotic image from Turkey, with the German diplomat, Krince Peinrich XXXI Reuss zu Köstritz in the middle.

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