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In this issue: The Bernadottes of Sweden II - a family album with 135 rare illustration; Also: Royal Priests, monks and Nuns; Romanovs and the Vatican; The Wedding of Princess Mary in 1922; and much more.
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64 pages 200 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Royal Priests, Monks and Nuns
by Edward W Hanson

Romanovs and the Vatican
by Jonathan Iglesias Sancho and Blanca Briones Gonzáles

The Bernadottes of Sweden - A Family Album II
by Ted Rosvall

"Collecting all the Sunshine"
The First Modern Royal Wedding
by Michael L Nash 

Elegant Royals - Some favorites from my Collection II
by Eric Lowe 

TGM in Thuringia:
VI -  Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt 

by Eric Lowe 

LKR: Prince Eugén of Sweden 
by Coryne Hall

World Wide Web of Royalty    

King Gustaf VI Adolf with his daughter-in-law, Princess Sibylla,
and grandson, Crown Prince Carl Gustaf.

Prince Leopold of Bavaria with his wife, Archduchess Gisela, and son Father George.
Grand Duke Serge and Grand Duchess Ella of Russia,

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