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Welcome to Rosvall Royal Books
and to Royalty Digest Quarterly!

Rosvall Royal Books started in 1985 and has so far published 20 books, picture albums and genealogies on the Royal Families of Europe. In 2006 our publishing house took over the magazine ROYALTY DIGEST from Piccadilly Rare Books and added a "Quarterly" to the name. So far 24 issues have been published of the magazine, all still in stock.
It took us 27 years to muster the strength and courage to bring our books and magazines into the world of Internet and web-shop solutions. It is our hope, that with this technique, more people who share our in and love for the history and iconoghraphy of the European Royal families will find us, and thus make it possible for us to continue publishing the magazine and more Royal Books.

We also intend to share with you various news items and interesting photos from time to time, and the RDQ editorials will all be available to read in our blog.

So, welcome to our website - and do tell others of this new resource for finding Royal Books and Magazines.

Ted Rosvall
Editor and publisher

Barton Manor, 4 August 1909: (Back row) Prince Edward of Wales; Queen Alexandra; Princess Mary; Princess Victoria; 
Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duchess Tatiana. (Front row) the Princess of Wales (Mary); the Tsar (Nicholas II);
King Edward VII; the Tsaritsa (Alexandra); the Prince of Wales (George); Grand Duchess Maria.
(On the ground: the Tsarevitch Alexei and Grand Duchess Anastasia. [from RDQ 2/2009]
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