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Our pilot issue! Read about the Royal Family of Hanover, the small palace of Rosenau outside Coburg, Dom Afonso - the forgotten Infante of Portugal and about Prince Maurice of Battenberg.
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Our pilot issue

64 pages, 80 illustrations
Family Album; HANOVER


Articles in this issue:

The Dear Rosenau
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Living in Exila after the Russian Revolution
The White Russian Community in Chiswick
by Marion Wynn

The Crown of Saint Wenceslas
by Tori V Martinez

"Make Way!"
Dom Afonso of Portugal, the popular Infante
by Albertop Penna Rodrigues

A "Royal" Traveller in Lisbon
by Katrina Warne

HANOVER - A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The Heirlooms of Hanover
by Michael L Nash

Invitations to a Wedding
The Brunswick wedding in Berlin, 1913
by Michael L Nash

Queen Mary's Christmas Cards
by Coryne Hall

Tombs, Grave and Monuments
1: The Grave of Prince Maurice of Battenberg
by Charlotte Zeepvat

"What am I supposed to do?"
the Tsar asked the Head Forester
by Marion Wynn


The Cumberland family in 1917: (from the left) Ernst August, Duke of Cumberland; Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hanover, Ernst August, Duke of Braunschweig and his wife, née Princess Victoria Luise of Prussia holding baby Princess Friederike; Prince Ernst August of Hanover; Thyra, Duchess of Cumberland and Princess Olga of Hanover.
[from HANOVER - A Family Album]

Dom Afonso, Duke of Oporto
[from "Make Way"]

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