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RDQ 3/2012 has just been published, this time with two fascinating ALEXANDRA articles, Princess Alix of Greece, who married Grand Duke Paul and died at the birth of her second child, and Princess Alexandra, the Duchess of Fife, who married her cousin, Prince Arthur of Connaught. Also, an article on Cumberland Lodge and Princess Helena, and one on the infamous Countess af Gyldensteen, ancestress of a majority of European Royals... The Habsburgs family album this time focuses the Tuscany branch.
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64 pages, 124 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Dear, Unforgettable Alix
by Charlotte Zeepvat

HABSBURG - Part III  (Tuscany)
A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The Last Word
1. Queen Amelie of Portugal
by Edward W Hanson

A Dedicated Royal Lady
Alexandra, The Duchess of Fife
by Coryne Hall

Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park
by Elisabeth de Guitaut

Notre Amie, la Comtesse de Gyldensteen
by Ted Rosvall

World Wide Web of Royalty

Archduke Gottfried of Austria-Tuscany and Princess Dorothea of Bavaria.

King Edward VII with his two Duff granddaughters,
Alexandra and Maud..

Princess Alix of Greece with her mother Queen Olga of Greece and grandmother,
Grand Duchess Alexandra Josephovna of Russia. In the middle, Grand Duchess
Maria Pavlovna, later Princess of Sweden.

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