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GREECE is the family album as RDQ begins its 10th year of publication. This album has 119 beautiful pictures, interesting text and a detailed genealogy.

Other articles include two short biographies of Queen Eleonore of Bulgaria and of Princess Helena Victoria. Incestuous marriages within the Royal Families of Europe is a somewhat discomforting yet true article of a very Royal problem . and finally there is an account of the wedding of King Zog of Albaniam as told by someone that was present.
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64 pages, 150 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Eleonore of Bulgaria
The Forgotten Queen
by Coryne Hall

"So lovely and strong in her affections"
Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein
by Charlotte Zeepvat

A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Dear Uncle
Incestuous Royal Marriages
by Ted Rosvall

An Englishman in Durazzo
Sir Andrew Ryan and the wedding of King Zog
by Lucas Szkopinski

World Wide Web of Royalty


King Ferdinand and Queen Eleonore of Bulgaria on their wedding day

A very young Prince Wilhelm of Denmark
The New King of Greece

Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

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