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SCHWARZBURG-RUDOLSTADT, a tiny principality in the Thuringian mountains, is the topic of Charlotte Zeepvat's Family Album in this issue. Also, read about the Duke of Parma, Carlo Ludovico - the Anti-Hero, and about Appleton House - the home of Carl and Maud, later King and Queen of Norway. The article on Empress Alexandra's War Relief Work continues and there is also a biography of Princess Marie of Greece and Denmark, Grand Duchess of Russia, as well as The Tercentenary of the House of Hanover.
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64 pages, 100 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Carlo Ludovico, the Anti-Hero
The Duke of Parma and Lucca and King of Etruria
by Alberto Penna Rodrigues

Appleton House
A Paradise in Norfolk
by Coryne Hall

A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The Untold Story of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna's War Relief Work 1914-1917  II
by Griffith Henninger

A True Daughter of Greece
Princess Marie of Greece and Denmark - Grand Duchess of Russia
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The Tercentenary of
The House of Hanover

by CMichael L Nash

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The last of the Schwarzburgs; Marie Antoinette, Friedrich Günhter and Irene with their mother, Alexandra of Anhalt. 

Carlo Ludovico of Parma with his sister Maria Luisa and their mother, the Queen of Etruria.

Marie of Greece and Denmark with her grandfather, Christian IX of Denmark, two aunts, Alexandra of Wales and Dagmar of Russia and cousins Olga, Michael and Xenia of Russia

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