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Little Mother of Russia

A biography of Empress Marie Feodorovna

by Coryne Hall

1999, Hardbound, 402 pages, 58 illustrations, pedigrees, index
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Princess Dagmar, daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark and sister of Queen Alexandra of England and King George I of Greece, was betrothed to Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia, a love match on both sides. Tragically, he died just months before their wedding.

Out of duty she married his brother in 1866, and so fifteen years later this poor, obscure princess was raised to the heights of the Russian imperial throne, when her husband became Emperor Alexander III, after the assassination of his father. Her son was Nicholas II, the last Tsar.

Using previously unpublished material from the Royal Archives and information in Russian, Danish and Finnish previously unavailable in English, this is the first biography of the Empress for 40 years and the first major work in ENglish.





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