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Read about Princess Olga of Greece and Yugoslavia, Otto von Habsburg 1912-2011, Royal Twins and enjoy the second part of the SAXE-COBURG as well as the "Diddo" articles.
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64 pages, 105 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Princess Olga of Greece and Yugoslavia
by Robert Prentice

A Family Album
Part 2: Saxed-Coburg and Gotha

Otto von Habsburg 1912-2011
The Life of an Uncrowned Emperor
by Stefan Haderer

Royal Twins
by Randi Buchwaldt

Diddo, Arnold ... and the Urge  Part II
by Charlotte Zeepvat


 Olga with her sons, Alexander (right) and Nicholas.
[from "Princess Olga of Greece and Yugoslavia"]

Royal cousins at Schloss Callenberg in 1905/1906; (from the left) Victoria Adelheid of Schleswig-Holstein-Glücksburg, Duchess of Coburg; Grand Duke Kirill; probably Marie, Crown Princess of Romania; Prince Leopold of Battenberg, Duke Karl Eduard; Princess Victoria Melita. [from SAXE-COBURG - A Family Album]
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