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Read about Queen Olga's Album, Four Royal Weddings in Berlin, Queen Maud of Norway, The Courting of Fat Mary and enjoy the HESSE-DARMSTADT family album.
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64 pages, 132 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Queen Olga's Album
by Prince Michael of Greece

Four Royal Weddings in Berlin
by Marion Wynn

Queen Maud of Norway
by Randi Buchwaldt

Where an Empress used to Lodge
Imperial Residences of Empress Elisabeth of Austria
by Stefan Haderer

The Courting of Fat Mary
by Tori V Martinez

Tombs, Graves and Monuments
The Albert Memorial Chapel, January 1892

Royal Photographers
Elliot & Fry


At Appleton; Maud and Carl with their baby son,
christened Prince Alexander of Denmark.
[from "Queen Maud of Norway"]

At Heligenberg in 1864: (from the left) Julie, Princess of Battenberg; Elisabeth of Prussia, Princess Carl of Hesse; Prince Carl of Hesse; Prince Wilhelm of Hesse; Empress Marie Alexandrovna of Russia, Prince Louis of Hesse, Prince Gustav Vasa (Sweden), Princess Alice of Hesse and Prince Alexander of Hesse. [from HESSE-DARMSTADT - A Family Album]

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