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Read about the last grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the Regicide in Portugal in 1908 and enjoy the HOHENZOLLERN-SIGMARINGEN family album.
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64 pages, 123 illustrations

The Last Grand Duke -
Adolf Friedrich VI of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
by Charlotte Zeepvat

A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Siam looks to the West
by Coryne Hall

Tombs, Graves and Monuments:
The New Mausoleum and graves on the Rosenhöhe
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Prince Dom Luis Felipe of Portugal
and the Regicide of 1908

by Alberto Penna Rodrigues

Christmas at Osborne House in 2007
by Diana de Courcy-Ireland

The New Fundamental Rules of the Romanian Dynasty
An appraisal
by Diana Mandache

A Touch of Dutch
Fans from the Royal House of Orange-Nassau
by Sue Woolmans

Royal Photographers - Three Richmond Studios:
W J Byrne, Gunn & Stuart, W S Stuart

The Cháteau de Candé
by Sue Woolmans

King Carol I of Romania with his brother Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern, Leopold's son Ferdinand, who became heir to the throne of Romania in 1889, and Queen Elisabeth.

Dom Luis Felipe and his brother Manoel
[from "Prince Dom Luis Felipe of Portuigal and the Regicide of 1908"]

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