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Read about King Zog of Albania, Carl Johan Bernadotte - the last surviving great-grandchild of Queen Victoria, King Ludwig II of Bavaria and about Maria Krasinska who almost became Queen of Sweden and Norway. Family album: Schleswig-Holstein.
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64 pages,     illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Carl Johan Bernadotte
The Survivor
by Ted Rosvall

Quite Diabolically Handsome
The Young King Ludwig II and the Women in his Life
by Charlotte Zeepvat

A Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The King of the Sons of the Eagler
by Lucas Szkopinski

Almost Queen of Sweden and Norway
Countess Maria Krasinska and the last days of carl XV
by Trond Norén Isaksen

The first "Das Prinsesschen"
The short life of Princess Anna of Hesse-Darmstadt -
Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
by Kevin Brady

An End and a Beginning
The Greek Monarchy 1960-1964
by David Horbury

Last Year, Last Birthday
Queen Victoria at 81, 1900-1901
by Michael L Nash

Royal Photoghraphers
Alice Hughes

Royal Ephemera
by Robert Golden


Duke Wilhelm of Glücksburg's fourth son, who became Kingh Christian IX of Denmark, with two of his brothers and members of his own family in around 1869; (behind) Wilhjelm of Glücksburg; Alexandra Princess of Wales, King Christian IX; Princess Dagmar, Tsarevna Maria Feodorovna of Russia; The Prince of Wales, Prince Johannes (Hans) of Glücksburg; Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. (centre) Prince George of Wales, Grand Duke Nikolai Alexandrovich; Queen Louise of Denmark holding her granddaughter Princess Louise of Wales; Louise, Crown Princess of Denmark. (seated on the ground) Princess Thyra of Denmark; Prince Albert Victor of Wales; Prince Waldemar of Denmark.
[from SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN - A Family Album]

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