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The Bernadottes of Sweden and Norway is a unique dynasty since it was the only Napoleonic one to survive the fall of Napoleon in 1814-1815. Also, read about the DEMIDOFFS - a Russian family with two major Royal connections ... Who was King Boris I of Andorra? Well, a very short lived king indeed. The second part of the outrageous story of the Kaiser's sister-in-law Luise Sophie, and her unfortunate family is also in this issue as well as a mini-biography of Princess Joséphine of Belgium. RDQ also welcomes a new contributor: Eric Lowe with the first in a series of articles named "Elegant Royals"
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64 pages 154 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

The Demidoffs and the Royals
by Datiu Salvia Ocaña

A Long Chain of Perse-cutions II
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The Bernadottes of Sweden - A Family Album
by Ted Rosvall

The Very Short Reign of Boris I 
by Michael Nash 

LKR: Princess Joséphine of Belgium 
by Coryne Hall

Elegant Royals - Som favorites from my 
by Eric Lowe 

World Wide Web of Royalty    


Prince Arsen, King Alexander and Prince Paul of Yugoslavia

The Swedish and Norwegian Royal family in around 1856. Standing: Prince August, Princess Therese, Prince Oscar (II), Crown Prince Carl (XV) and Princess Eugenie. Sitting: Queen Josefina, King Oscar I, Princess Lovisa and Crown Princess Lovisa.

King Boris I of Andorra in cartoon form.

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