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The new issue of Royalty Digest Quarterly - number 1/2021 - includes an article so fascinating that it will mesmerize many of our readers. There are many royal legends and mysteries out there, even after DNA killed off Anastasia, Naundorff, the Dunkelgräfin and Kaspar Hauser. But this one's got legs ... Enjoy the story of CYRIL. Other articles in this issue are about the Merenberg family, about the Guness clan that might have inherited the principality of Monaco and of course, the large Liechtenstein dynasty in a family album with not less than 73 images and 5 family trees.
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64 pages 148 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

An Extraordinary Life -  The Story of Cyril von Sellheim   
by Charlotte Zeepvat

A Guinness for Monaco? 
by Stephen Bunford

A Family Album        
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Clothilde von Merenberg - the last Nassau   
by Bearn Bilker

Tombs, Graves and Monuments in Thuringia     
III: Saxe-Altenburg
by Ove Mogensen 

LKR: Princess Gundelinde of Bavaria 
by Coryne Hall

World Wide Web of Royalty    


Cyril (right) with his adopted family, the von Sellheims.

Sophie de Torby, née Merenberg with her husband, Grand Duke Mihail Mihailovich and their three children.

Prince Alois of Liechtenstein with his wife, Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria and their six elder children.

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