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Read about Queen Adelaide and her lost children and Prince Alexandru Cuza of Romania. The album this time is SCHWARZBURG-SONDERSHAUSEN, a forgotten tiny principalities in Thuringia. "The Vladimirovich Visits in Spain" speaks for itself as does "On Princess Alice's first Ball". There is also a new section called "Books in my Library" with presentations of little known royal books, not in English.
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64 pages 130 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

Adelaide - the Hope of the Nation            
by Marlene A Eilers Koenig

Northern Lights   
by Charlotte Zeepvat

A Family Album         
by Ted Rosvall

Prince Alexandru Cuza - Romania’s forgotten ruler   
by Stephen Bunford

On Princess Alice’s First Ball
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The Vladimirovich Visits to Spain 1891/1893        
by Jonatan Iglesias Sancho & Blanca Briones González

Tombs, Graves and Monuments in Thuringia     
II: Saxe-Meiningen, by Ove Mogensen 

LKR: Archduke Maximilian of Austria  
by Coryne Hall

BOOKS in my Library

World Wide Web of Royalty    


Christian Günther III von Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (1736-1794) and his wife Charlotte Wilhelmine of Anhalt-Bernburg (1737-1777). 
Archduchess Marie Valerie and her husband Archduke Franz Salvator (to the right) with other member of the Habsburg dynasty

The York children, Edward (later Duke of Windsor), Mary, and Albert (George VI) in fancy dress outside York Cottage in 1900.  Princess Mary is Britannia and her brothers appear to be dressed as a Turk and an Indian.

 The Silver Wedding of Grand Duke Vladimir and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. Here with their children Andrei, Helen, Kirill and Boris

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