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SPAIN II is the family album in this issue, starting with Isabella II and ending with Felipe VI. The Carlist branch is also included. Also: "The Leuchtenberg Jewels in Sweden" - the story of some of the world's most marvelous tiaras and other precious gems. "Imperial Bride in Vienna" deals with the marriage of Franz Joseph and Elisabeth in 1854, and there is also the third and last part of "The Six Stunning Infantas. The Little-Known Royal this time is Princess Maria of Italy. The www section is unusually large with many Royal deaths, some because of the Pandemic ...
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64 pages, 155 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

The Leuchtenberg Jewels in Sweden
by Claudia Thomé WItte

Imperial Bride in Vienna
by Elizabeth Jane Timms

2: A House Divided - the descendants of Carlos IV 

by Charlotte Zeepvat
The Six Stunning Infantas  - Part III 
The unexpected fortune of the daughters of exiled King Miguel I of Portugal
by Datiu Salvia Ocana

Little-Known Royals
Princess Maria of Italy
by Coryne Hall

World Wide Web of Royalty


The Brazilian Diamonds

The grandchildren of Queen Isabella II of Spain. 

Grand Duchess Maria Anna of Luxembourg with her six daughters
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