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SPAIN is the family album in this issue, from way back and up to and including King Fernando VII. Isabella II and on will be in RDQ 2/2020. Also: The Iturbides - a forgotten dynasty, Mrs Louisa Louis - a friend to Queen Victoria and before her to Princess Charlotte; "Dear Lottie" - The Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg and President Roosevelt; The Duke of Sussex and his two wives; Princess Eudoxia of Bulgaria and much more.
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64 pages, 157 illustrations

Articles in this issue:

The Iturbides - a forgotten dynasty
by Lucas Szkopinski

Mrs Louisa Louis
by Elizabeth Jane Timms

I: From Habsburg to Borbón 

by Charlotte Zeepvat
The Six Stunning Infantas  - Part II 
The unexpected fortune of the daughters if exiled King Miguel I of Portugal
by Datiu Salvia Ocana

"Dear Lottie"
The Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg and President Roosevelt
by Edward W Hanson

The Duke of Sussex and his Wives
by Michael L Nash

Little-Known Royals
Princess Eudoxia of Bulgaria 
by Coryne Hall

World Wide Web of Royalty


The throne of Emperor Agustin I of Mexico

Felipe V, the father of Spain's Borbón dynasty, and Queen Isabel Farnese. 

The return of Grand Duchess Charlotte in Luxembourg after the years in America.
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