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The first issue of 2007 presents the Mecklenburg-Schwerin dynasty in a family album. Read about an excentric coluple; August and Teresia of Sweden, about Queen Marie's hideaway; Balchic and about Prince Andreij Mihajlovichh of Russia.
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64 pages, 92 illustrations

Read about:

by Charlotte Zeepvat

My father and his family
by Princess Olga Romanoff

An Exccentric Couple
Prince August and Princess Teresia of Sweden and Norway
by Trond Norén Isaksen

The English Dacha at Tsarkoe Selo
by Coryne Hall

"A golden bridge between east and west"
Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and the 1903 Delhi Durbar
by Janet Ashton

Balchic - The Queen of Romania's
Romantic Hideaway

by Marion Wynne

A Tour of Claremont
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Tombs, Graves and Monuments
5: A Death in Captivity
by Charlotte Zeepvat

Royal Photographers - W & D Downey


Group taken at Lensahn after Henrich's engagement to Queen Wilhelmina
of the Netherlands: (behind) duke Johann Albrecht, Queen Wilhelmina,
Duke Hedinrich, Grand Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg, Duke Paul
Friedrich, Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg, Duke Adolf Friedrich; (in front)
Queen Emma of the Netherlands, marie, Dowager Grand Duchess of
Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Nikolaus of Oldenburg with his mother,
Grand Duchess Elisabeth, and the young Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV.

                      The Swedish and Norwegian Royal Family in 1858:
                  Sitting: Queen Josephine, King Oscar I, Process  Louise
                   (later Queen of Denmark) and Crown Princess Louise.
         Standing: Prince August, Princess Eugenie, Crown Prince Carl XV.
                                       [from "An Eccentric Couple"]


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