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Read about an English governess at the Prussian court, the landgraves of HESSE-KASSEL, the Württembergs, Maximilian and Charlotte of Mexico, the Imperial family of Brazil, Lady Mildred Bowes-Lyon - the Lady of Lenzburg Castle, the Coburg Graves and about the exciled to Siberia.
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64 pages, 98 illustrations.
Family Album:  ANHALT

Read about:

A letter to Miss Byng
by Charlotte Zeepvat

The Larger-Than-Life Württembergs
by Tori V Martinez

HESSE-KASSEL - a Family Album
by Charlotte Zeepvat

"I shall wait for him for Sizty Years"
Maximilian and Charlotte of Mexico
by Coryne Hall

The Imperial Family of Brazil
by Astrid Bodstein

The Lady of Lenzburg Castle
by Michael L Nash

Tombs, Graves and Monuments
3: Coburg, The Hofgarten, the Glockenberg and the Callenberg

Royal Photographers
Cornelius Jabez Hughes (1819-1884)

Exiled to Siberia
The Decembrist Prince Serge Volkonsky and his family in the reigns of the last five Tsars.
by Marion Wynn

Princes Max, Philipp, Richard, Christoph, Wolfgang and
Friedrich Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel [from "A Family Album"]

King Wilhelm II of Württemberg with Queen Charlotte and the king's daughter Pauline with her Wied husband and two sons.
[from "The Larger than Life Württembergs"]

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